Celebrating twenty years in business

Celebrating twenty years in business

11th May 2016 | Hudson Contract

From back garden start-up to market leader . . . The Hudson Contract Story

Do you remember what you were doing in 1996?  It was the year of the Spice Girls and girl power.  England hosted Euro ’96.  And four per cent of the UK population had internet access. (Yes, really!)

Meanwhile, in the small Yorkshire town of Bridlington, David Jackson set up a business called Hudson Contract.  The rest – as they say – is history!

From its humble beginnings in a hut in the back garden, and with plenty of challenges along the way, Hudson Contract has grown to become the market leader in CIS audit, contract and payroll. 

Hudson Contract Chairman David Jackson says:  “The fact is, we are the market originators.  In the early days, I was fuelled only by a good idea and plenty of determination.  As we evolved, and obstacles were strewn in our path, I became even more resolute.  Some might call it typical Yorkshire stubbornness.  But I have always believed passionately that labour-only subbies are entitled to be legitimately self-employed.  They are the lifeblood of our industry, and key to the growth of construction, and contribute so much to the prosperity of the UK.”

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David Jackson continues:  “I’ve been strolling down memory lane, and I hope you’ll find a few moments to join me.  Come and find out how we’ve been inspired over the years by Sir Winston Churchill and why we are a genuine, family-built firm. And read more about the day when HMRC was told definitively that Hudson Contract’s business service is lawful, proper and ethical. That was definitely one of my favourite landmarks.”

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