Hudson Contract Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme

Hudson Contract Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme

7th February 2017 | Hudson Contract


Ian Billyard (Principal, Leeds College of Building)

Ian Woodhouse (Owner, Woodhouse & Waines)

Jordan Forsdyke (Apprentice, General Electrical)

Ben Brewins (Owner, General Electrical)

Regan Hewitt (Apprentice, Mandx Partners Ltd)

Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight (MP for East Yorkshire)


Video Transcript 

Ian Billyard - Apprenticeships are important for a number of reasons the government have cited apprenticeships now as major thrust of their policies going forward. So rather than going to university and end up with the major debt you can actually have your fees paid for you and be earning money in the interim as well.

Hudson Contract clearly in doing that is a great asset to the people within this east coast area that enables young people to actually progress into that and get a job within the industry.

Ian Woodhouse - I think the construction industry is a good industry to be in that because people always want houses, they always want work doing, there is always work but also the variety you get.

Jordan Forsdyke – For a young person just leaving school I recommend them joining construction industry because it's never ever a boring workplace, because you are always with people, different people, very friendly people and you are always constantly learning, constantly using your hands so it's never the same thing.

Ben Brewins – The Hudson Contract Apprenticeship Scheme is very efficient, run very well, very simple and you just submit invoice every month and they help with Jordan’s wages which is really big help in the first year of your apprenticeship because that's obviously the most important year

Regan Hewitt - Young people should go into the construction industry because it's better than going to uni and getting into debt and you can learn and earn

Ben Brewins - The help that i've got, the main bulk of the help I’ve got has been from Hudson Contract

Sir Greg Knight - Red tape and paper work can be deadly to a small business because it’s an overhead you have to have someone to deal with it and so a scheme like Hudson Contract scheme is very important in cutting red tape and allowing people to get on with the job that they're there to do. So I say three cheers to Hudson Contract for giving priority to local apprentices here in Bridlington and the surrounding East Riding

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