A stronger voice for Britain’s self-employed construction workers

A stronger voice for Britain’s self-employed construction workers

14th September 2015 | Hudson Contract

The country’s 680,000 freelance builders – and their vital contribution to the economy – have been acknowledged by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE). 

IPSE is the representative body for the UK’s self-employed community, including freelancers, contractors, consultants and independent professionals. 

Its Chief Executive Chris Bryce says: “Construction is a very important sector in the British economy, and self-employed construction workers are key to its success.  We want to ensure their specific needs and concerns are addressed and understood, and that is why we have established a new advisory committee.”

Topics on the committee’s initial agenda include:

  • Overcoming stereotypical views about those who work in construction on a freelance basis
  • Securing affordable training opportunities
  • Reducing skills shortages
  • Minimising the additional burden of the Construction Industry Scheme

Mr Bryce continues: "Fifteen per cent of the UK's self-employed workforce operates in construction. We see it as an important part of our mandate to inform and educate the policymakers, so they understand how best to help freelance builders contribute even more.”

The committee is chaired by Hudson Contract’s David Jackson and its members include construction companies, tax experts Deloitte and renowned academics. 

David Jackson says: “Our inaugural meeting included a discussion on the challenges faced by freelancers to be recognised by HMRC and not labelled as tax dodgers, tax simplification, and the current shortages of skilled workers. 

“Our intention is to initiate a fresh focus on the role of those who are self-employed in construction. They don’t want to be seen as different to other freelancers. They are – and want to be – recognised as being genuinely self-employed, pure and simple, and it is high time that they are acknowledged as an asset to the UK economy.”

Read more about how Hudson Contract and IPSE are working together to promote self-employment here

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Value freelance builders!

Construction couldn’t function without the individual contributions freelance builders make. If it weren’t for them the industry would be smaller, less efficient and inflexible


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