Hudson Contract Rewards: £25,000 given to our clients so far in 2017.

Hudson Contract Rewards: £25,000 given to our clients so far in 2017.

12th October 2017 | Hudson Contract

Your turn next?

How did you become a Hudson Contract client? 

Seven out of ten firms joined us due to a word of mouth recommendation.  It’s always been that way . . . and that’s why we set up the Hudson Contract Rewards Programme. 

Hudson Contract Founder David Jackson explains:  “We are always grateful to the many people who refer us to their business associates, clients, friends and relatives.  Personal recommendations are far and away our most important kind of ‘advertising’ so it is always a pleasure to spend the marketing budget on Rewards for our valued clients, rather than adverts and the like.”

So far this year, we have distributed payouts worth £25,000 to our clients.  And whilst cash used to be king, most people now seem to prefer vouchers – with John Lewis/Waitrose, Amazon and Argos amongst the most popular, along with evergreen choices of theatre tokens and wine.

Last month alone, we sent out over £3,000 in John Lewis vouchers – that’s a lot of shopping – and one client generously donated their entire Reward to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Not claimed a Reward so far?

We’ve made the referral process as quick and easy as possible. All you have to do is fill in the form below or give us a call on 01262 401040.  When the firm you recommend starts transacting we’ll drop you a line and you can start thinking about the Reward you’ll enjoy most.

The value of your Reward is based on the average number of operatives over the first ten weeks, multiplied by £50 for each operative.   So ten operatives = £500.

“We love sending out the notifications,” David Jackson adds.  “Most clients are pleasantly surprised to discover how much they’ve earned.”

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