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What every construction company needs to know

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We’re so much more than just another payroll company

It’s true.  The most visible part of what Hudson Contract does for you is processing your payroll instructions and dealing with tax deductions under CIS.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Behind the scenes there’s a well-oiled machine designed to keep your business running smoothly.  Safe from HMRC, because every operative is legitimately self-employed.  And safe too from disgruntled subbies who fancy taking you on an expensive financial ride all the way to an employment tribunal.

What we do is best summed up as an audit and CIS contract service. Which might sound dull.  But it is the beating heart of the knowledge, expertise and experience that enables us to eliminate your CIS tax and employment risks, rather than merely managing them. 

That’s a huge difference.  A difference that can be measured in hundreds of thousands of pounds if you trust some other company who say they’re ‘just like Hudson Contract’.  Yes, they might look like us from the outside, but drill down deeper and they are nothing of the sort.

It’s like comparing an Aston Martin with a skateboard.  And when the wheels come off, it’s you who’ll be left to face HMRC, not them. 

So why risk everything you’ve worked for when Hudson Contract gives you a written guarantee that means you’ll never have to worry about an upcoming HMRC status inspection or a bunch of subbies taking you to tribunal?

Understand why the risk of being taken to an employment tribunal is growing – watch the video now 

Click here to eliminate ALL CIS risks now

With Hudson Contract this is what you get - GUARANTEED

  • Payroll Processing
  • Payslips
  • HMRC Reporting
  • Workplace Audits
  • Compliance not avoidance
  • Risk Elimination
  • Employment Tribunal Guarantee
  • HMRC Compliance Guarantee
  • Expert advice
  • Pre HMRC Inspection Review
  • HMRC Liaison
  • CIS Compliance Health Check
  • Ahead of Legislation Changes
  • Fighting for Freelancers in Construction
  • CITB lobbying campaign
  • Subcontractor briefings
  • Claims dispute resolution

Choose Hudson Contract for so much more than just a firm that handles your CIS payroll instructions 

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