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Our tax strategy

Finance Act 2016: Hudson Contract's official statement

The Hudson companies (together the “Companies”) are pleased to publish their tax strategy.

The Companies have either or both of two principal UK tax liabilities. Those accruing on their profits – corporation tax – and those accruing on their activities of engaging and paying Operatives. In relation to each the Companies are motivated by the desire to identify and pay the correct amount of tax.

More specifically, in relation to their corporation tax liabilities, they will not transact otherwise than to advance their commercial non-tax purposes and will not transact wholly or mainly to reduce their corporation tax liabilities.

The Companies have a low appetite for tax risk. They engage the leading practitioners in the field and adhere to the advice they receive.

In relation to their activities of engaging and paying Operatives the Companies engage Operatives on terms and working in circumstances where the law requires that they be taxed as employees and on terms and working in circumstances where the law requires that they be taxed as self-employed. The law requires that both employed and self-employed Operatives be taxed on the correct basis. Hudson has in place detailed protocols to secure that Operatives are taxed on that basis at the outset and deploys considerable resources in continuing to monitor the conditions under which Operatives work so as to secure that they continue to be taxed on the correct basis. (“Tax” and “taxed” in this paragraph should be read as including national insurance contributions as appropriate).

The Companies presently cooperate and intend to continue to cooperate with the performance by HMRC of its important statutory duties. The Companies will also maintain its tax treatment where it is advised by leading practitioners that it is reasonable so to do.

This statement is intended to comprise compliance with the terms of Finance Act 20016, Schedule 19, paragraph 16(2) for the current financial year.

These strategies where reviewed by Jolyon Maugham on the 16/07/2019. They remain unchanged and applicable to the current 2019/20 tax year.