Only Hudson Contract can eliminate the risk of your self-employed subbies being classified as employees by HMRC

Twenty-one years of compliance, reliability and absolute certainty

Over 80 construction apprentices sponsored

Construction’s Largest Professional Workplace Audit and CIS Contract Service

Our Guarantee: Hudson Contract takes full responsibility - and liability - for tax and employment status

We’ve been meeting complex, ever-changing CIS tax and employment regulations since 1996. Paying over 100,000 different subbies, none of whom have ever been deemed by HMRC or an employment tribunal to be employees. Reliability is our hallmark. And it is underpinned by a watertight guarantee given to every client.

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HMRC demands compliance

Are you certain your current workplace practices will withstand the scrutiny of a status inspection? Or if you are using an intermediary will they take responsibility for the substantial financial penalties imposed for failure to comply?

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How safe are your current self-employment contracts?

Do you make payments under CIS? Get an instant contract health check now. Take this quick confidential quiz to find out if there’s a risk your self-employment contracts fail to comply with HMRC’s latest requirements.

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