Only Hudson Contract can guarantee the
self-employed status of subbies on your sites

Hudson Contract takes full responsibility for status on behalf of over 2,200 construction firms under the Construction Industry Scheme. We do more than simply manage your tax and employment risks – we actually eliminate them on your behalf. Guaranteed.

Your 100% guarantee in tax and employment issues

Hudson Contract is the only CIS service provider in the UK with HMRC and employment tribunal case law in its name. The various High Court rulings and other judgments in our favour give us a unique legal standing and make us the ONLY company in the country able to offer you a full tax and employment liability guarantee backed by an indemnity.

What’s more you’ll save hours on paperwork and trying to keep up with the latest rules and regulations. While other contractors are wrapped up in HMRC communications – and grappling with employment tribunal headaches – you’re free to focus on more profitable business priorities. And paying your lads takes just a few moments.

We are 100% compliant – making your own business easier and more profitable to run

Hudson Contract’s self-employment solutions are lawful, ethical and proper.  Not just because we say so, but because we have case law on our side.

Quite simply, that makes us unique among CIS contract and payroll providers.

Is Hudson Contract for YOU?

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