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Getting started is quick and easy

Once we have completed our initial audit, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process:

  • You’ll be given our online software, a bundle of operative contracts and declarations and our method statement
  • Your operatives (existing and/or new starts) sign our contracts and declaration and you post them to us
  • Using our software, you instruct us who to pay, how much to pay and when to pay, giving us the instructions and money two days ahead of our pay date
  • We pay the operatives by BACS, and send them a text message and a paper statement.
  • We send you a VAT invoice for your records, together with details of any HMRC reporting requirements.
You’ll be our client, not our prisoner

Like you, we believe flexibility in construction is business-critical.  So you’ll never be locked into a long-term contract.  Just use us – or not – from week to week, as circumstances dictate.  Our team, meanwhile, is always available for help and advice.  Whether you have a quick query about our software or a lengthy discussion about an on-site issue, you’ll speak to the appropriate expert.

Let us take the stress and the strain out of your CIS payroll

It’s often tough to understand the complexities of tax and employment law.  And when you use self-employed workers, there are also rigorous HMRC due diligence obligations to contend with.  What’s more, the laws introduced in 2014 around the use of agencies and intermediaries mean that simply taking on those with a CIS registration number can be dangerous:  workplace circumstances dictate employment status, and these differing circumstances rule out a one-size fits-all contract.

Request a callback

If you have an immediate requirement, fill in your details and we still call you back.

Request a callback

Can you afford the fine if HMRC decides your self-employed operatives are non-compliant?

Run your numbers through our liability calculator and see how big a risk you are taking.

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