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The Hudson Contract Client Package

What We Do

We don't just manage the risk - we eliminate it

Hudson Contract acts as the ‘engager’ sitting within contracting chains between construction firms and self-employed freelance construction operatives.  HMRC would call us an Employment Intermediary or Labour Provider.

Taking on this role allows us, for a small fee, to take on the employment status risks which would otherwise fall upon those construction firms.

Because the most visible part of what we do is handle the payments to the operatives, and to deal with tax deductions under CIS, many people refer to us as a CIS Payroll Firm. However, Hudson Contract is much more than that, we provide a wide range of professional services and support connected with the engagement and payment of subcontract labour.  We think CIS Contract and Audit best describes what we do, watch our video below to find out more. 

Hudson Contract has developed four safety-first business models – and our first step is always an audit of your current circumstances and working relationships.  It’s key to being certain Hudson Contract is right for you, and if it is, to identifying the contract or combination of contracts that are best suited to your business needs.

Once we’ve done this (and provided you’re eligible to become a Hudson Contract client) you can rest assured you‘ll never have anything to fear from HMRC status investigations or employment tribunal challenges.  We guarantee it.

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