Not only do we process your payroll... we also guarantee you’ll never be liable for an employment tribunal claim

Employment tribunal protection

Calling someone self-employed doesn’t mean they actually ARE self-employed, as the likes of Pimlico Plumbers and plenty more construction firms have discovered to their cost when ex-subbies took them to an employment tribunal – and won their cases.

Meanwhile, the government’s decision to scrap employment tribunal fees has had a predictable outcome:  the number of individual claims is now soaring.

Could your firm end up at the sharp end of an employment tribunal hearing?  With around ten thousand new claims being raised every three months – and construction workers being specifically targeted by unions and no-win-no-fee lawyers – it’s something you’re wise to consider.

Even though many of the claims aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, dealing with them can be stressful.  So it’s small wonder that many firms end up by offering money to settle – often thousands of pounds – just to get the lawyers off their backs.  While those who fight a  claim but lose due to a flaw in the self-employment contract or workplace circumstances run the risk of serious financial damage.

At Hudson Contract, we’re involved with a growing number of claims on behalf of our clients.

No matter how groundless they are, they take up time, money and resource.  But for us, it’s only an occupational hazard.  As much a part of our service as processing your payroll.  We see off most attempted claims quickly when those who are hoping for easy money realise that going back on their word and trying to claim employment rights is never going to happen when Hudson Contract are involved.

We have formally responded to over 100 employment tribunal claims made against our clients. None have been successful.

Understand why the risk of being taken to an employment tribunal is growing – watch the video now

Remember, the Hudson Contract Guarantee means that if anyone wants to take you to tribunal, we take over the case – and all the stress – and meet all the financial costs of lawyers etc.  And should we ever lose, we’ll pick up the bill.

If a claim lands on your desk just hand it over to us – and know you’ll never have to pay even a single penny

Can Hudson Contract prevent employment tribunal claims?

No company can prevent someone taking you to tribunal, and anyone who tells you different is talking rubbish. We can’t stop these claims being raised but we can protect you from the financial consequences.

How does Hudson Contract help?

We do more than help.  We take over any claim you receive.  It’s all part of our more-than-just-a-payroll service.  We take on all the work and stress for you.  If you are taken to court, we build your case, instruct the lawyers and pay them, and if you lose, we pay the awarded sum too.  You don’t ever have to worry about a claim devastating your business.

What’s Hudson Contract's success rate?

We’ve dealt with over one hundred formal employment tribunal cases, most of which were dropped by the claimants after they heard what our lawyers had to say.  On the rare occasion when a claim has gone the distance, we’ve been on the winning side every single time.

Read about our latest victory here

Surely any payroll company can defend employment tribunal claims?

They can.  But most of the time, they don’t.  They often stall, and when a case continues towards a tribunal hearing, their clients can discover they’re on their own. When you consider employment tribunals often cost at least £6,000 just in legal fees and before any award, it’s an expensive position to be left in. 

What is the Hudson Contract guarantee?

It means we never leave you in the lurch to struggle with the costs and stress of an employment tribunal claim.  We fight your corner throughout the entire process and make sure you and your business won’t suffer as a result.  No client of Hudson Contract client has ever had to find money to fight or settle an employment tribunal case.

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