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Hudson Contract is not only the market leader in CIS solutions – we are the market originator

Construction’s Largest Professional Workplace Audit & Contract Service for over 22 years

CIS Tax Advice

Hudson Contract = Expertise + Certainty

Fact: Everyone has the right to be self-employed – no-one should be forced into it

Everyone has the right to be self-employed if they wish, and for the construction industry, labour-only subbies are a valuable asset, essential as a driver of business growth.  Hudson Contract deplores false employment and our engagement process has been developed to ensure every operative is lawfully contracted.

Fact: With Hudson Contract you have nothing to fear from HMRC status checks or employment tribunal challenges

Established in 1996, in response to HMRC tightening the laws of employment status, Hudson Contract has grown in a responsible and compliant manner to provide construction companies of all sizes, from one-man firms to PLCs, with the UK’s most trustworthy – and reliable – CIS audit and contract service, lawfully contracting for 2,000+ clients over 150,000 labour-only subbies working on building sites nationwide.

Through twenty-one unbroken years, we have maintained a 100% success rate in terms of our contracts withstanding HMRC scrutiny.  We have never lost an employment tribunal challenge, either.

Fact: We understand how construction works. We understand how HMRC works

Our most senior people have hands-on construction experience.  We have run building firms.  We have hired subbies.  And we have been at the ‘sharp end’ of dealing with HMRC, ploughing through all the paperwork, whilst also trying to grow our own businesses.

Fact: We understand CIS compliance

If you use an intermediary service to contract and pay your workers they have to submit quarterly reports to HMRC under Onshore Employment Intermediaries (OEI) legislation. HMRC knows who has to submit reports and if they don't the fines start to occur – an initial £3,000 followed by £600 per day until the case is resolved.

If you don't use an intermediary then these reporting requirements don't apply.  However, the existing employment tests and CIS status/compliance checks are still enforced. The costs of getting it wrong could be huge. Check out your potential liability here or talk to Hudson Contract:  we’re completely up-to-speed on all regulations – and that’s a fact.

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