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The Treasury owes freelance builders almost one billion pounds!

David Jackson | 11th February 2014

Eye-watering statistics just completed by Lloyd Dowson and their CIS Experts service – the Yorkshire chartered accountants that have worked with Hudson Contract for seventeen years – reveal that freelance builders ‘lend’ over one billion pounds to the Treasury on an annual basis. . . and without receiving any interest.

Lloyd Dowson’s data from tax returns completed on behalf of 927 people who work on building sites on a self-employed basis reveal the following:

  • The average refund under CIS is £1,616
  • 96% of returns analysed were due the refund
  • 65% of the 927 worked all year on a wholly self-employed basis
  • 35% of the 927 freelance builders also worked part of the year as an employee

How does this translate to £1 billion?

Figures published by the Office of National Statistics to account for those working in construction as employed and self-employed between April – June 2013 state that 680,298 worked either wholly or partially on a self-employed basis. So if you apply the findings from the 927 to the whole of the freelance construction workforce, CIS Experts calculate:

  • Those taxed under CIS are owed an average total of £981 million at any given time
  • This sum is ‘loaned’ to the Treasury for an average of twelve months

But one billion pounds is just the half of it. . .

If a one billion pound interest-free loan isn’t enough of a benefit to the Treasury, consider what another chartered accountant has discovered through a Freedom of Information request to HMRC. The question asked was, “How much CIS tax deducted at source has gone unclaimed by those taxed as self-employed in recent years?”

The answer was relayed to me as, “In excess of one billion pounds”.

So that’s almost one billion ‘loaned’ and a further billion described as being ‘given’… an outstanding contribution to the economy by any measure of judgement…

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