Employment Tribunals - A costly risk

n 2013, fees were introduced to bring a tribunal case, resulting in a dramatic fall in the number of claims being brought.  But in 2017, the Supreme Court scrapped fees, ruling they were ‘inconsistent with access to justice’ and reopening the floodgates.

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Employment tribunals are in the news. And it’s not good for the construction industry.

The Supreme Court has ruled that claimants don’t have to pay an upfront fee. So you may be faced with more cases from claimants who have nothing to lose and want a pay-out.

These cases can be brought forward for almost any reason and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. From unfair dismissal to complications surrounding employment status like holiday pay, claims can sometimes be on multiple grounds.

The Supreme Court’s decision means that construction companies who rely on self-employed labour are under threat.

Even if you think your contracts are fine, you can still be summoned.

And if that happens you’re in for a lot of paperwork, a lot of extra hours and costs can run into the thousands… even if you win!

When the day eventually comes and you turn up to court, the applicant might not turn-up & you might have to return another day

With Hudson Contract, we take the weight off your shoulders and handle it all for you.

We do all the work. We pay all the costs. And if we lose, we pay the awarded sum.

You don’t have to worry and won’t face unnecessary stress. We eliminate all the financial consequences to keep your business safe. It’s in our written Hudson Contract guarantee.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve responded to over a 100 tribunal claims made against us and our clients. The vast majority were dropped long before they reached a hearing.

And those that went the distance? We’ve been on the winning side, every time.

Give yourself peace of mind and ensure a tribunal won’t ruin your business. Contact Hudson Contract toady.

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