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Do you approve of the Hudson Contract Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme? If so, we need your help

As you probably know, Hudson Contract has helped more than 90 youngsters climb the first rung of the construction career ladder since 2011. 

We would love to see our simple scheme replicated by other companies in the industry, so we’re hoping to spread the word that taking on an apprentice doesn’t need to be complicated.

This is why Hudson Contract have entered the Construction Enquirer Awards. 

We’ve chosen the ‘Best Construction Supplier to Work With’ category to highlight how our decision to help small building firms meet the financial cost of taking on an apprentice demonstrates our policy of striving to add value to the supply chain.  And we now need your support in voting for our entry.

Our Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme is simple yet effective and you can read about it here.

Since the Construction Enquirer Awards are voted for purely by the industry we serve, we see this as a great opportunity to try and encourage other suppliers to follow suit . . . and this is why we are so keen to win!

A quick summary of the scheme:

It all came about after an advert in a local paper from a student who needed an employer to finish his electrical apprenticeship.  The most common issues and concerns about apprentices are:

  • Small firms that are keen to take on an apprentice but don’t think they can afford the cost
  • The time needed to provide an apprentice with the on-the-job training
  • Concerns around the scope of work required to complete the course

Further details about the scheme and the apprentices and employers can be found here.

Please vote now

If you agree our Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme demonstrates we are keen to give something back to the industry and its future we would really value your vote.  Just click here choose Hudson Contract and give your details.

The deadline is 21st July 2017 so your vote today would be appreciated.

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