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If the CITB didn’t exist, would training in construction grind to a halt?

We think not!

Time to scrap the Levy and find better value-for-money training solutions

Every three years, the Construction Industry Training Board has to prove it has the support of the industry in order to collect the Levy that funds its existence.  This process is known as consent.

Consent is now being sought and this is your chance to have a say.  

Many Hudson Contract clients feel the Levy is nothing more than an unwelcome tax.  They feel the arrangements favour large businesses that get back far more than they put in.  We often hear from clients who would prefer to use the cash they are obliged to pay the CITB to directly fund their own training requirements instead.

Beyond our client base, Hudson Contract commissioned a YouGov survey into the CITB Levy in 2016. Read the detailed results here

Key findings include:

  • 75% of Consensus Federation (see below) members were unaware that consent was given on their behalf in 2015
  • 71% of Levy-payers said the CITB does not influence training in their organisation
  • Fewer than 20% consented to the 2015 CITB Levy Order – although the CITB claimed to have  support from 80% of the industry

In fact, the majority of support came from Consensus Federation block votes, with 50% of the CFs appearing to have cast more votes than they have members . . . never mind the fact it is only Levy -paying members that are eligible to vote.

Consensus Federation Member

If you’re a member of one of the Consensus Federations below, they have traditionally block voted on your behalf to support the CITB proposals.  But it is unlikely they will have actively solicited an opinion from you.

Maybe this time round there will be greater consultation and transparency.  Although judging by what has happened so far, we are not optimistic.  At Hudson Contract we have already seen one survey that asks if your agree to the new Levy rates . . . but what it doesn’t say is that by saying yes you are also inadvertently agreeing for a further three years of Levy.    We’ve also seen one CF solicit views via Survey Monkey . . . but you can take part just by clicking on a link, and there’s no need to prove you actually belong to the CF concerned.

What if you belong to a CF but oppose the Levy?

  1. Check your 2016 and 2017 Levy Assessment Forms to see if a CF is named
  2. If so, then to prevent the CF deciding on your behalf, email the CITB at and tell them this is the case
  3. Let your CF know that if it gives consent against your wishes, you will consider resigning your membership

Don’t belong to a CF?

The CITB says it is also going to use a research company to contact 6,000 Levy-paying firms that do not belong to a CF.  That would be a good idea, were it not for the fact that the CITB gets to hand-pick the list of firms that will be questioned, leaving itself wide open to accusations of skewing the results.

Email to make it clear you do not consent to the proposals


Hudson Contract:  Where we stand on the Levy

We are all in favour of training, moving the industry forward, and securing its future.  But we oppose the CITB Levy because it favours large firms, while SMEs are forced to pay in a disproportionate sum, getting little back in return. 

Our research demonstrates clearly that training would continue if the CITB did not collect a Levy and we want to see a level playing field for all.

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