The only complete Audit, Contract and
Payroll package

Why is Hudson Contract the UK’s largest and most competitive Audit, Contract & Payroll Service Provider?

As pioneers in legitimate self-employment solutions for the construction industry, we have inevitably spawned an ever-increasing number of competitors.  Many will tell you they are ‘just like Hudson Contract’.  They are not.

Putting it simply Hudson Contract is the only service provider that enables you to eliminate all tax and employment risks associated with self-employment in construction. We have case law in our name. That is what makes us unique – and allows us to offer a 100% guaranteed solution to ensure you do not become a casualty of the CIS minefield.

No other company is able to offer you the same level of protection.  Check out the FAQs for more information.

I’m David Jackson, Managing Director of Hudson Contract. I’d like to explain why Hudson Contract is the only service provider that is able to guarantee you’ll never have anything to fear from an HMRC status investigation or employment tribunal challenge.”

Protection Guaranteed by Hudson Contract

Tax Law – Full cover and 100% guaranteed indemnity Yes
Employment Law – Full cover and 100% guaranteed indemnity Yes
FREE status investigation back up and Helpline Yes

If I use Hudson Contract can I…

Negotiate rates of pay – Hourly/Day/Measured/Lump sum? Yes
Agree to continuous work? Yes
Allow sub-contractors to use company vehicles? Yes
Supply of protective clothing and footwear? Yes
Supply phones and petrol cards? Yes
Pay expenses? Yes
Supply materials to undertake the contract? Yes
Cover the sub-contractor on our insurance? Yes
Supply specialist tools, protective equipment and plant? Yes
Organise training? Yes
Pay the sub-contractor without quotes for the work undertaken? Yes
Pay the sub-contractor without receiving an invoice? Yes
Use the sub-contractor after a period of downtime without them signing a new contract? Yes
Use the sub-contractor on multiple sites without signing a new contract? Yes

Does Hudson Contract…

Verify the sub-contractors UTR? Yes
Provide sub-contractors monthly returns to HMRC? Yes
Send sub-contractors a weekly pay advice text? Yes
Send sub-contractors a monthly pay statement? Yes
Make payments via electronic banking? Yes
Provide unique payroll software to allow instructions electronically? Yes
Allow me to deduct tax from the value of the payroll? (equivalent to CIS 4) Yes
Only charge a fee when we use the service? Yes


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